Ph.D. Dissertation Archive


Some dissertations may be obtained through the USC Library via Homer.


Aghalaya Manjunatha, Preetham (Ph.D.) Vision-Based and Data-driven Analytical and Experimental Studies into Condition Assessment and Change Detection of Evolving Civil, Mechanical and Aerospace Infrastructures, Advisor: Sami F. Masri.


Alhaddad, Anas (Ph.D.) Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) industrial recycling and policies, Advisor: Kelly Sanders

Fang, Qian (Ph.D.) Optimal Clipped Linear Strategies for Controllable Damping, Advisor: Erik Johnson

Hou, Yu (Ph.D.) Point Cloud Data Fusion of RGB and Thermal Information for the Building Envelope Identification and Energy Audits in A Large District, Advisor: Lucio Soibelman

Koc, Eyuphan (Ph.D.) A Framework for Comprehensive Assessment of Resilience and Other Dimensions of Asset Management in Metropolis-Scale Transport Systems, Advisor: Lucio Soibleman

McGaughey, Allyson (Ph.D.) The Roles of Surface and Pore Properties in Wetting Resistance for Membrane Distillation Membranes, Advisor: Amy Childress

Pirhadi, Milad (Ph.D.) Investigation of ambient PM physio-chemical and toxicological characteristics in different urban microenvironments using novel aerosol technologies and statistical models, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas

Plata, Sophia (Ph.D.) Integrated technologies, blending schemes, and reuse practices to address contaminant and energy challenges in water reclamation, Advisor: Amy Childress

Shi, Jiaming (Ph.D.) The Formation, Fate and Transformation of Nitromethane in Potable Reuse, Advisor: Daniel McCurry

Wei, Xin (Ph.D.) Integrating Systems for Desalination and Potable Reuse: Reduced Energy Consumption for Increased Water Supply, Advisor: Amy Childress

Xin, An (Ph.D.) Harness Microorganisms to Design Resilient Engineering Materials, Advisor: Qiming Wang

Zohrabian, Angineh (Ph.D.) Evaluating the Role of the Water-Energy Nexus in California’s Decarbonizing Power Sector, Advisor:  Kelly Sanders.


Alhanaee, Ghena (Ph.D.) Interdependency of the Water-Oil-Nuclear Industries in the Persian/Arabian Gulf: Understanding Risk and Improving Prevention and Preparation of Disasters, Advisor: Najmedin Meshkati.

Aryal, Ashrant (Ph.D.) Intelligent Agents for Personalizing Indoor Environment and Improving Occupant Comfort in Offices, Advisor: Burcin Becerik-Gerber.

Chen, Meida (Ph.D.) Semantic Modeling of Outdoor Scenes for The Creation of Virtual Environments and Simulations, Advisor: Lucio Soibelman.

Chen, Mo (Ph.D.) Investigating the Role of Climate in Affecting Residential Electricity Consumption through High Spatiotemporal Resolution Observations, Advisor: George Ban-Weiss.

Jain, Amit (Ph.D.) An Experimental, Numerical, and Analytical Study of Multiscale Physicochemical Degradation of Reinforced Concrete Structures Due to Chloride Induced Corrosion, Advisor: Bora Gencturk.

Keen, Adam (Ph.D.) Stochastic Multi-Hazard Risk Analysis of Coastal Infrastructure, Advisor: Patrick Lynett.

Meng, Measrainsey (Ph.D.) Developing Frameworks to Quantify the Operational and Environmental Performance of Energy Systems Within the Context of Climate Change, Advisor: Kelly Sanders.

Mousavi Nasabi Shams, Amirhosein (Ph.D.) Impact of urban activity source emissions on physicochemical characterization and associated toxicity of airborne particulate matter (PM) in local and regional scales using source appointment models, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Rizzo, Calogero Benedetto (Ph.D.) Efficient Connectivity Assessment of Heterogeneous Porous Media using Graph Theory, Advisor: Felipe de Barros.

Skanavis, Vassilios (Ph.D.) Nonlinear Long Wave Amplification in the Shadow Zone of offshore Islands, Advisor: Costas Synolakis.

Taghvaee, Sina (Ph.D.) Investigating the temporal trends, sources, and toxicity of ambient particulate matter (PM) in different metropolitan environments, and development of a novel aerosol generation setup for inhalation exposure studies, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Zarei Baygi, Ali (Ph.D.) Fate of Antibiotic Resistance in Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors, Advisor: Adam Smith.


Amha, Yamrot (Ph.D.) Advancing Energy Recovery from Food Waste using Anaerobic Biotechnologies: Performance and Microbial Ecology, Advisor: Adam Smith.

Aryan, Hadi (Ph.D.) Influence of Alkali-Silica Reactivity Damage on the Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams, Advisor: Bora Gencturk.

Chen, Siming (Ph.D.) Bioelectrochemical treatment of anaerobic process effluents: mitigation of dissolved methane and sulfide, Advisor: Adam Smith.

Ghauch, Ziad George (Ph.D.) Comprehensive Uncertainty Quantification in Composite Manufacturing Processes, Advisor: Roger Ghanem.

Gustafson, Ryan (Ph.D.) Thermally driven water treatment with membrane distillation: Membrane performance, waste heat integration, and cooling analysis, Advisor: Amy Childress.

Hanifehzadeh, Mohammad (Ph.D.) Long-Term Performance of Nuclear Waste Storage Systems Under Extreme Loading Conditions, Advisor: Bora Gencturk.

Hosseinialiabad, Seyedpouyan (Ph.D.) Novel Techniques for Analysis and Control of Traffic Flow in Urban Traffic Networks, Ketan Savla.

Libera, Arianna (Ph.D.) Groundwater contaminant transport predictions in a sustainable water management scenario, Advisor: Felipe de Barros.

Montoya, Luis (Ph.D.) Understanding Properties of Extreme Ocean Wave Runup, Advisor: Patrick Lynett.

Ozcelik, Gokce (Ph.D.) Understanding Human-Building Interactions Through Perceptual Decision-Making Processes, Advisor: Burçin Becerik-Gerber.

Pantazis, Evangelos (Ph.D.) Behavioral Form Finding Using Multi-Agent Systems: A computational methodology for combining generative design with environmental and structural analysis in architectural design, Advisor: David Gerber.

Peer, Rebecca (Ph.D.) Developing High-Resolution Spatiotemporal Methods to Model and Quantify Water Use for Energy, Advisor: Kelly Sanders.

Sowlat, Mohammad Hossein (Ph.D.) Physio-chemical characteristics and sources of ambient PM mass and number concentrations and their associated toxicity, and development of novel techniques for high time-resolution measurement of PM-bound metals for application in source apportionment studies, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Tavakkol, Sasan (Ph.D.) Interactive and Immersive Coastal Hydrodynamics, Advisor: Patrick Lynett.

Zhang, Jiachen (Ph.D.) Impacts of Heat Mitigation Strategies and Pollutant Transport on Climate and Air Quality from Urban to Global Scales, Advisor: George Ban-Weiss.


Abdelbarr, Mohamed (Ph.D.) Experimental and Analytical Studies of Infrastructure Systems Condition Assessment Using Different Sensing Modality, Advisor: Sami Masri.

Ahmadi Karvigh, Simin (Ph.D.) Intelligent Adaptive Automation: Activity-Driven and User-Centered Building Automation, Advisor: Burçin Becerik-Gerber.

Ayca, Aykut (Ph.D.) Understanding the Transport Potential of Nearshore Tsunami Currents, Advisor: Patrick Lynett.

Ba, Qin (Ph.D.) Elements of Robustness and Optimal Control for Infrastructure Networks, Advisor: Ketan Savla.

Davtalab, Omid (Ph.D.) A Data Driven Software Platform for Process Automation, Planning and Inspection of Contour Crafting Large-Scale Robotic 3D Printing System, Advisor: Behrokh Khoshnevis.

De, Subhayan (Ph.D.) A Novel Hybrid Probabilistic Framework for Model Validation, Advisor: Erik Johnson.

Eftekharain, Amirhossein (Ph.D.) Numerical Study of Flow Characteristics of Controlled Vortex Induced Vibrations in Cylinders, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee.

Kasemian, Ali (Ph.D.) Mixture Characterization and Real-Time Extrusion Quality Monitoring for Construction-scale 3D Printing (Contour Crafting), Advisor: Behrokh Khoshnevis.

Khashe, Saba (Ph.D.) Enabling Human-Building Communication to Promote Pro-Environmental Behavior in Office Buildings, Advisor: Burçin Becerik-Gerber.

Lovett, Christopher (Ph.D.) Toxicity of Urban Particulate Matter: Long-Term Health Risks, Influences of Surrounding Geography, and Diurnal Variation in Chemical Composition and the Cellular Oxidative Stress Response, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Morrow, Christopher (Ph.D.) Wastewater reclamation and potable reuse with novel processes: Membrane performance and system integration, Advisor: Amy Childress.

Moslehi, Mahsa (Ph.D.) Efficient Stochastic Simulations of Hydrogeological Systems: from Model Complexity to Data Assimilation, Advisor: Felipe de Barros.

Motie Share, Mohammad Ali (Ph.D.) Novel Queueing Frameworks for Performance Analysis of Urban Traffic Systems, Advisor: Ketan Savla.

Shirmohammadi, Farimah (Ph.D.) Chemical and Toxicological Characteristics and Historical Trends of Size-fractioned Particulate Matter from Traffic-related Emissions in Los Angeles, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Zhang, Ruda (Ph.D.) Taxicab transportation: operations, equilibrium, and efficiency, Advisor: Roger Ghanem.


Elsafty, Hoda (Ph.D.) Highly Resolved Simulations of Large-Scale Wave-Driven Processes, Advisor: Patrick Lynett.

Heydarian, Arsalan (Ph.D.) A Systematic Approach to Understand and Model the Impact of Lighting Behavior on Building Energy Consumption through Immersive Virtual Environments, Advisor: Burçin Becerik-Gerber.

Hosseini Khasheh Heiran, Seyyed Farshid (Ph.D.) Next Generation Seismic Resistant Structural Elements Using High-Performance Materials, Advisor: Bora Gencturk.

Ghahramani, Ali (Ph.D.) Learning Personal Thermal Comfort and Integrating Personal Comfort Requirements into HVAC System Control Loop, Advisor: Burçin Becerik-Gerber.

Kalligeris, Nikos (Ph.D.) Tsunami-induced turbulent coherent structures, Advisor: Patrick Lynett.

Krasowsky, Trevor (Ph.D.) Characterization of Black Carbon: From Source to Evolution of Physical and Optical Properties in the Atmosphere, Advisor: George Ban-Weiss.

Le, Thang (Ph.D.) The role of Rigid Foundation Assumption in Two-Dimensional Structure Interaction (SSI), Advisor: Vincent Lee.

Liu, Wen-Young (Ph.D.) Diffraction of Elastic Waves around Layered Strata with Irregular Topography, Advisor: Vincent Lee.

Oskouie, Pedram (Ph.D.) In-situ Quality Assessment of Scan Data for As-Built Models Using Building-specific Geometric Features, Advisor: Burçin Becerik-Gerber.

Saffari, Arian (Ph.D.) Oxidative Potential of Urban Atmospheric Particles: Spatiotemporal Trends and Associations with Source-specific Chemical Components, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Zareiyan, Babak (Ph.D.) Evaluation of Interlayer Bonding Strength in Contour Crafted Structures: Experimental and Statistical Approach, Advisor: Behrokh Khoshnevis.


Bassamzadeh, Nastaran (Ph.D.) Probabilistic data-driven predictive models for energy applications, Advisor: Roger Ghanem.

Hasheminassab, Sina (Ph.D.) Physico-chemical properties and source apportionment of size-fractionated airborne particulate matter in urban areas with implications for public health, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Hemmat Abiri, Elham (Ph.D.) Structural Nonlinear Control Strategies to Provide Life Safety and Serviceability, Advisor: Erik Johnson.

Jabbari, Nima (Ph.D.) Hydraulic Fracturing and the Environment: Risk Assessment for Groundwater Contamination from Well Casing Failure, Advisor: Fred Aminzadeh.

Kim, Woonhoe (Ph.D.) Optimizing Biomembrane Reactor Systems for Water Reclamation and Reuse Applications, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari.

Ko, Haeng Sik (Ph.D.) The Development of a Hydraulic-Control Wave-maker (HCW) for the Study of Non-Linear Surface Waves, Advisor: Patrick Lynett.

Thimmisetty, Charanraj (Ph.D.) Risk Assessment, Intrinsic Interpolation and Computationally Efficient Models for Systems UnderUncertainty, Advisor: Roger Ghanem.

Wang, Dongbin (Ph.D) Development Of Novel Techniques For Evaluating Physical, Chemical And Toxicological Properties Of Particulate Matter In Ambient Air, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Yang, Zheng (Ph.D.) Building Occupancy Modeling and Occupancy-Loads Relationships for Building Heating/Cooling Energy Efficiency, Advisor: Burçin Becerik-Gerber.

Zhu, Guanying (Ph.D.) Three-Dimensional Diffraction and Scattering of Elastic Waves around Hemispherical Surface Topographies, Advisor: Vincent Lee.


Alshaiji, Mohammad (Ph.D.) Train Induced Vibrations in Poroelastic Media, Advisor: Hung Wong.

Amiri, Daniel (Ph.D.) Low-Cycle Fatigue Effects in Reduced-Beam Section Moment Connections, Advisor: James Anderson.

Brandow, Heather (Ph.D) Two-Dimensional Weighted Residual Method for Scattering and Diffraction of Elastic Waves by Arbitrary Shaped Surface Topography, Advisor: Vincent Lee. Dissertation

Ebrahimian Dehaghani, Mahdi (Ph.D.) Structural System Identification and Health Monitoring of Buildings by the Wave Method Based on The Timoshenko Beam Model, Advisor: Maria Todorovska. Dissertation

Elhaddad, Wael (Ph.D.) Towards an Optimal Design of Feedback Strategies for Structures Controlled with Smart Dampers, Advisor: Erik Johnson.

Ghadiri, Maryam (Ph.D.) Feasibility of Using a Lined Portion of the Los Angeles River for Artificial Recharge, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. Dissertation

Jazizadeh Karimi, Farrokh (Ph.D.) User-Centric Smart Sensing for Non-Intrusive Electricity Consumption Disaggregation in Buildings, Advisor: Burçin Becerik-Gerber.

Koganti, Prasanth Babu (Ph.D) New approaches in modeling and control of dynamical systems, Advisor: Firdaus Udwadia.


Kamalzare, Mahmoud (Ph.D.) Computationally Efficient Design of Optimal Strategies for Passive and Semiactive Damping Devices in Smart Structures, Advisor: Erik Johnson. Dissertation

Li, Weixuan (Ph.D.) Inverse Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification of Nonlinear Flow in Porous Media Models, Advisor: Dongxiao Zhang. Dissertation

Lu, Shentong (Ph.D.) Numerical Analysis of Harbour Oscillation under Effect of Fluctuating Tidal Level and Varying Harbour Layout, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. Dissertation


Ataei , Hossein (Ph.D.) Effect of the Air Blast on Glazing Systems Safety: Mitigating the Injuries from Flying Glass, Advisor: James Anderson

Chuen-Im, Chanin (Ph.D.) A Coastal Development Idea for Gulf of Thailand to Improve Global Trades, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee

Daher, Nancy (Ph.D.) Size-Resolved Particulate Matter (Pm) In Urban Areas: Toxico-Chemical Characteristics, Sources, Trends And Health Implications, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas. Dissertation

DeVore, Charles (Ph.D.) Damage Detection Using Substructure Identification, Advisor: Erik Johnson. Dissertation

Haddad Zadegan, Hamed (Ph.D.) Data Worth Analysis in Geostatistics and Spatial Prediction, Advisor: Roger Ghanem

Huang, Ziyi (Ph.D.) Open Channel Flow Instabilities: Modeling the Spatial Evolution of Roll Waves, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. Dissertation

Jafarkhani, Reza (Ph.D.) Studies Into Vibration-Signature-Based Methods for System Identification, Damage Detection and Health Monitoring of Civil Infrastructures, Advisor: Sami F. Masri. Dissertation

Kam, Winnie (Ph.D.) Particulate Matter (Pm) Exposure For Commuters In Los Angeles: Chemical Characterization And Implications To Public Health, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas. Dissertation

Lakeland, Daniel (Ph.D.) Continuum Modeling Techniques and Their Application to the Physics of Soil Liquefaction and Dissipative Vibrations, Advisors: Roger Ghanem and Amy Rechenmacher. Dissertation

Thacher, Ryan (Ph.D.) Electrokinetic Transport of Cr(VI) and Integration with Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticle and Microbial Fuel Cell Technologies for Aquifer Remediation, Advisor: Mike Pirbazari. Dissertation

Tipireddy, Ramakrishna (Ph.D.) Modeling and Algorithms for Stochastic Upscaling, Advisor: Roger Ghanem. Dissertation

Varjavand, Roshanak (Ph.D) Numerical Simulation of Seismic Site Amplification Effects, Advisor: Hung Leung Wong, Dissertation


Abedi Mashhadi Mighani, Sara (Ph.D.) Meso-scale Kinematics in Shear Bands and Impact of Material Heterogeneity on Shear Band Development in Sand, Advisor: Amy Rechenmacher.

Bozorgnia, Mehrdad (Ph.D.) Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Highway Bridge Superstructures Exposed to Hurricane Waves. Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. Dissertation

Cheung, Kalam (Ph.D.) Temporal, Spatial And Toxicological Characteristics Of Coarse Particulate Matter In An Urban Area And Relation To Sources And Regulations, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas. Dissertation

Comboul, Maud (Ph.D.) Stochastic And Multiscale Models For Urban And Natural Ecology, Advisor: Roger Ghanem.

Hudda, Neelakshi (Ph.D.) Ultrafine particle concentration inside vehicles: models for exposure assessment, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Kim, Hyoung-Jin (Ph.D) Numerical and Experimental Study on Dynamics Of Unsteady Pipe Flow Involving Backflow Prevention Assemblies, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. Dissertation

Meidani, Hadi (Ph.D.) Uncertainty Management For Complex Systems Of Systems: Applications To The Future Smart Grid, Advisor: Roger Ghanem.

Rojas Barrales, Fabian (Ph.D.) Development Of A Nonlinear Quadrilateral Layered Membrane Element With Drilling Degrees Of Freedom And A Nonlinear Quadrilateral Thin Flat Layered Shell Element For The Modeling Of Reinforced Concrete Walls, Advisor: Roger Ghanem. Dissertation

Son, Sangyoung (Ph.D.) Wave Induced Hydrodynamic Complexity And Transport In The Nearshore, Advisor: Patrick Lynett. Dissertation

Teng, Liping (Ph.D.) Scattering And Diffraction Of Anti-Plane (SH) Elastic Waves By Parabolic Surface Topographies, Advisor: Vincent W. Lee. Dissertation

Terapathana, Surat (Ph.D.) An Energy Method For Earthquake Resistant Design Of RC Structures, Advisor: James Anderson. Dissertation


Amornwongpaibun, Alongkorn (Ph.D.) Diffraction of anti-plane (SH) waves by surface elliptical topographies in an elastic half-space, Advisor: Vincent W. Lee, ISBN: 1-267-07558-9. Dissertation

Hsu, Lewis (Ph.D.) Evaluation of chromium remediation in groundwater: Investigations using microbial fuel cells and electrokinetic systems, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 978-1-12-495029-7. Dissertation

Jahanshahi, Mohammad Reza (Ph.D.) Vision-based studies for structural health monitoring and condition assessment, Advisor: Sami F. Masri, ISBN: 978-1-12-495041-9.

Noshadravan, Arash (Ph.D.) Stochastic characterization, realization and upscaling of polycrystalline materials, Advisor: Roger Ghanem, ISBN: 978-1-26-707740-0.

Pakbin, Payam (Ph.D.) Investigation of physico-chemical characteristics of size-segregated particulate matter in a metropolitan environment and their impact on air quality in southern California, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 978-1-26-707650-2. Dissertation

Shin, Sanghee (Ph.D.) Electroremediation of offshore muds contaminated with heavy metals, Advisor: Najmedin Meshkati, ISBN: 978-1-26-707750-9. Dissertation

Verma, Vishal (Ph.D.) Toxicological characteristics of particulate matter in an urban environment and their linkage to the source-specific constituents, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 978-1-12-478915-6. Dissertation

Willardson, Bennington, J. (Ph.D.) Prediction of extreme runoff frequency events in southern California, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 978-1-12-495232-1. Dissertation

Zand, Amir, G. (Ph.D.) Enabling geotechnical data for broader use by the spatial data infrastructures, Advisor: Jean-Pierre Bardet, ISBN: 1-124-95206-3. Dissertation


Chan, Ngo Yeung (Ph.D.) Superoxide Radical and UV Irradiation in Ultrasound Assisted Oxidative Desulfurization (UAOD): A Potential Alternative for Green Fuels, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen, Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 978-1-10-977139-8. Dissertation

Chockalingam, Karthikeyan (Ph.D.) Modeling of multiscale continuum-atomistic systems using homogenization theory, Advisor: Carter Wellford. Dissertation

Fan, William, Tsu-Chieh (Ph.D.) Regeneration of used petroleum-based lubricants and biolubricants by a novel green and sustainable technology, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 978-1-24-374092-2. Dissertation

Hwang, Young Seo (Ph.D.) Three dimensional responses of a steel structure under blast loads, Advisor: James C. Anderson, ISBN: 1-124-41290-5. Dissertation

Kou, Zhiqing (Ph.D.) Predicting debris yield using artificial intelligence models, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 978-1-12-416094-8. Dissertation

Mokarram, Nazila (Ph.D.) Data exchange in geotechnical engineering, Advisor: Jean-Pierre Bardet, ISBN: 978-1-12-441331-0. Dissertation

Tan, Yuan-Hung (Ph.D.) Oscillations of semi-enclosed water body induced by hurricanes, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 1-124-41388-X. Dissertation

Zhang, Dongyu (Ph.D) Controlled substructure identification for shear structures, Advisor: Erik A. Johnson, ISBN: 1-124-41415-0. Dissertation


Arhami, Mohammad (Ph.D.) Exposure assessment and source apportionment of size fractions of airborne particulate matter, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 1-109-13809-1. Dissertation

Asghari, Ali (Ph.D.) Characterization of environmental variability in identified dynamic properties of a soil-foundation-structure system, Advisor: Erik A. Johnson, ISBN: 1-109-56035-4. Dissertation

Fu, Tat Shing (Ph.D.) Smart buildings: Synergy in structural control, structural health monitoring and environmental systems, Advisor: Erik A. Johnson, Sami F. Masri, ISBN: 1-109-13708-7. Dissertation

Harich, Christopher, Robert (Ph.D.) Field and laboratory analysis of water well design parameters, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 978-1-10-913625-8. Dissertation

Haroun, Muhammad (Ph.D.) Feasibility of in-situ removal of heavy metals by electroremediation of offshore muds, Advisor: Najmedin Meshkati, George Chilingar, ISBN: 978-1-10-929267-1. Dissertation

Mansuri, Mehran (Ph.D.) Torsional effects on the inelastic seismic response of structures, Advisor: James C. Anderson, ISBN: 1-109-13643-9. Dissertation

McKay, Kirsten (Ph.D.) Three applications of the reciprocal theorem in soil-structure interaction, Advisor: Hung Leung Wong, ISBN: 978-1-10-913645-6. Dissertation

Ning, Zhi (Ph.D.) Influence of atmospheric processes on the physico-chemical properties of primary particles and their impact on public exposure, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 978-1-10-929355-5. Dissertation

Sayre, Jaime, Monique (Ph.D.) Identifying remediation techniques and quantifying TMDL regulated pollutants for stormwater runoff in the Los Angeles region, Advisor: Joseph S. Devinny, ISBN: 1-109-29511-1. Dissertation

Xing, Xiuying (Ph.D.) Computer modeling for wave oscillation problems in harbors and coastal regions, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 1-109-13739-7. Dissertation.


Amiri, Sharid Khan (Ph.D.) The earthquake response of bridge pile foundations to liquefaction induced lateral spread displacement demands, Advisor: Martin Geoffrey, ISBN: 978-1-10-913462-9. Dissertation

Biswas, Subhasis (Ph.D.) Investigation of physico-chemical characteristics of particulate matter from vehicular sources, Advisor: Sioutas Constantinos, ISBN: 978-0-54-960684-0. Dissertation

Chang, Jen (Ph.D.) Hydrodynamic modeling and feasibility study of harnessing tidal power at the Bay of Fundy, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 978-0-54-960642-0. Dissertation

Chen, Pei-Wen (Ph.D.) Vibration of nearby structures induced by high-speed rail transit, Advsior: Hung Leung Wong, ISBN: 0-549-98162-4. Dissertation

Cheng, Shun Sheng (Ph.D.) Ultra Clean Fuels Via Modified UAOD Process with Room Temperature Ionic Liquid (RTIL) & Solid Catalyst Polishing, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen, ISBN: 0-549-60683-1. Dissertation

Das, Sonjoy (Ph.D.) Model, identification & analysis of complex stochastic systems: Applications in stochastic partial differential equations and multiscale mechanics, Advisor: Roger Ghanem, ISBN: 978-0-54-978217-9. Dissertation

Liu, Fang (Ph.D.) Data discovery on liquefaction-induced lateral ground deformations, Advisor: Jean-Pierre Bardet, ISBN: 0-549-97307-9. Dissertation

Luo, Hao (Ph.D.) Diffraction of SH-waves by surface or sub-surface topographies with application to soil-structure interaction on shallow foundations, Advisor: Vincent W. Lee, ISBN: 978-0-54-997304-1. Dissertation

Nastar, Navid (Ph.D.) The Effect of Higher Modes on Earthquake Fatigue Damage To Steel Moment Frames, Advisor: James C. Anderson, ISBN: 0-549-60568-1. Dissertation

Pan, Chien-Cheng (Ph.D.) Identifying and quantifying the impact of air pollution source areas by nonparametric trajectory analysis, Advisor: Ronald Henry, ISBN: 0-549-97552-7. Dissertation

Sam, Christian (Ph.D.) Optimum Cleanup Scenarios for Voc's and Perchlorate in Baldwin Park Operable Unit, San Gabriel Valley, Southern California, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 978-0-54-978468-5. Dissertation

Uslu, Burak (Ph.D.) Deterministic and probabilistic tsunami studies in California from near and farfield sources, Advisor: Costas E. Synolakis, ISBN: 978-0-54-997579-3. Dissertation

Wu, Yuntian (Ph.D.) Development of precast concrete and steel hybrid special moment-resisting frames, Advisor: Yan Xiao, ISBN: 978-0-54-997582-3. Dissertation

Yang, Chia-Yu (Ph.D.) The feasibility studies on sonochemical processes for treating used oil: Toxin reduction for eliminating recycle interference, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen, ISBN: 978-0-54-997591-5. Dissertation.


Chien, Alex Yuhwen (Ph.D.), A Complete Time-Harmonic Radiation Boundary For Discrete Elastodynamic Models, Advisor: Hung Leung Wong, ISBN: 0-549-00873-X. Dissertation

Choi, Kang-Kyu (Ph.D.), Analytical and Experimental Studies on Mechanical Behavior of Confined Concrete Filled Tubular Columns, Advisor: Yan Xiao, ISBN: 978-0-54-938931-6. Dissertation

Chou, Hsiao-Fen (Ph.D.), Seismic responses of a tilt-up building with segmented walls, Advisor: James Anderson, ISBN: 0-549-23180-3. Dissertation

Dilmaghani, Shabnam (Ph.D.) Spectral analysis of air quality data, Advisor: Ronald Henry, ISBN: 978-8-54-939017-6. Dissertation

Etemadi, Omid (Ph.D.) Selective adsorption in ultrasound assisted oxidative desulfurization process with nano-engineered adsorbents: Mechanism and characterization, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen, ISBN: 0-549-00870-5. Dissertation

Nikzad, Atosa Vahdati (Ph.D.) Biological sulfate reduction in sulfate-rich industrial wastewaters by anaerobic fluidized-bed reactors: Effect of electron donors, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 0-549-38959-8. Dissertation

Pazokifard, Babak (Ph.D.) Locating and quantifying sources of air pollution by nonparametric trajectory analysis, Advisor: Ronald Henry, ISBN: 0-549-39071-5. Dissertation

Phuleria, Harish Chandra (Ph.D.) Measurement and methods of assessing the impact of prevalent particulate matter sources on air quality in southern California, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 0-549-00771-7. Dissertation

Ramadan, Jamal I (Ph.D.) Settlement of Dry Cohesionless Soil Deposits Under Earthquake Induced Loading, Advisor: Geoffrey R. Martin, ISBN: 978-0-54-939025-1. Dissertation

Rhee, Richard Sangwon (Ph.D.) Multi-Scale Modeling of Functionally Graded Materials (FGMs) Using Finite Element Methods, Advisor: Carter Wellford, ISBN: 0-549-38936-9. Dissertation

Rjoub, Yousef Saleh Al (Ph.D.) Soil Structure Interaction In Poroelastic Soils, Advisor: Maria I. Todorovska, ISBN: 0-549-00925-6. Dissertation

Saad, George Amine (Ph.D.) Stochastic data assimilation with application to multi-phase flow and health monitoring problems, Advisor: Roger Ghanem, ISBN: 0-549-39000-6. Dissertation

Samee, Masoud (Ph.D.) Biological Sulfate Reduction of Reverse Osmosis Brine Concentrate: Process Modeling and Design, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 0-549-00871-3. Dissertation

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