Civil and Environmental Engineering Minors

The Astani Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering - Construction Engineering and Management program builds from the civil engineering program with additional emphasis in design and construction. The ABET accredited program further hones students’ understanding of structural design, sustainable construction, methods and equipment.

Engineering Innovation for Global Challenges
Construction Planning and Management

Global Grand Challenges

Our curriculum is designed to equip the next generation of engineers to tackle challenges that we face on a global scale, from COVID-19 to mass forced migration, regional conflicts and environmental disasters. See the journey our students have taken in CE486 "Innovation in Engineering and Design for Global Challenges".

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General Information

Following guidelines apply to all minor programs:

  • Students must take at least 16 units, which are unique to the minor (i.e., not required to fulfill the student’s major or another minor).
  • No course work required for the minor may be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis.
  • A minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA must be achieved in all courses applied toward the minor. A higher minimum may be required by the sponsoring department or unit.

For a complete list of minor guidelines, please visit the USC Catalogue.

Each minor may have additional guidelines and requirements. Please visit their tabs for the information.

Any additional questions pertaining to the minor programs can be directed to

Are you ready to declare a minor?

  • Have you completed two semesters at USC?
  • Are you in good academic standing?
  • Do you meet the additional requirements listed in the minor’s tab?

If you are able to check everything in the checklist, please request a minor advisement appointment from the Astani Student Services (


Construction Planning and Management

This program covers the most current theories and practice of construction planning and management. The program provides a valuable adjunct credential to professional school students pursuing careers in business administration, public administration, architecture, environmental studies, and other areas and a unique opportunity for professional focus to students in the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

Construction activities are complex. In contemporary society, effective planning and management of these activities requires specialized knowledge of the technical, economic and policy environment. This program couples the knowledge of how construction activities are organized with a broader understanding of the urban system in which construction projects are embedded. With the exception of statistics, all of the required courses are within the Department of Civil Engineering and the USC Price School of Public Policy.

For a description of the courses, please visit the USC Catalogue.

Are you ready to declare the
Construction Planning and Management minor?

    • Do you meet all guidelines and requirements listed in the General Information Tab?
    • Have you completed CE 460: Construction Engineering?

    If you are able to check everything in the checklist, please request a minor advisement appointment from the Astani Student Services (

    Engineering Innovation for Global Challenges

    2022-2023 New Minor!

    Engineering Innovation for Global Challenges 

    We are increasingly facing crises on a global scale - from COVID-19 to armed conflict, displacement, and climate change. These events have a massive impact on society, environment, economy, health, and political stability, and are incredibly challenging to solve. Innovation, engineering, and entrepreneurship play a critical role in solving them.

    Our Engineering Innovation for Global Challenges Minor brings together students and affected communities, private enterprise, the non-profit and government sectors through a collaborative exchange to explore various global crises and to innovate solutions that can be implemented in the field. 

    The minor prepares students of all majors how to lead the design of products, services and technologies with a human-centered design approach to understand and solve the needs of the real people who are in the middle of these crises. It is geared towards highly motivated students who would like to create new solutions, are comfortable with focusing on wicked problems, and care about cultural, economic, and geographic nuances.

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    Global Challenges Innovation Minor

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