What Do Civil & Environmental Engineers Do?

Our standard of living depends on our civil infrastructure, a sophisticated system of buildings, bridges, dams, airports, transportation networks, water and power distribution systems, and environmental protection systems.

Civil and environmental engineers are responsible for designing, maintaining and enhancing our civil infrastructure. They help to sustain the living standards and quality of life of the population. Civil engineers are also master builders. They create structures that stand as timeless symbols of our civilization. Environmental engineers identify and design solutions for problems involving the environment. To do so, they have to be broadly educated and technically trained to address a wide spectrum of issues.

Civil & Environmental Engineering @SC

Spring 2016


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Featured Research Assistant

Calogero-Benedetto Rizzo

Research Focus: Stochastic modeling of flow and transport through heterogeneous porous media
Advisor: Felipe de Barros
Expected Graduation: 2020
Previous Education: B.S. and M.S. in Mathematical Engineering from Polytechnic of Milan, Italy
Hobbies: Traveling, exploring different cultures and food, and music
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Research Areas

Sustainable Development

Sustainability in the context of civil engineering targets long-term viability of natural resources and engineered civil systems.

Water Quality, Access, and Distribution

Providing an adequate supply of potable water, considering population growth and climate variability.

Disasters and Extreme Events

All aspects of an event, from a fundamental understanding of the physical processes controlling its evolution to the resulting environmental and social reaction.

Coupling of Complex Systems

Efforts aim to integrate research across the Sonny Astani Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, as well with all outside disciplines that interact with civil systems.


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Kelly Sander’s New Appointment Title

Dr. Kelly Sanders has been appointed as the Dr. Teh Fu Yen Early Career Chair. Her title will be modified to Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental  Engineering and Dr. Teh Fu Yen Early Career Chair.

Burcin Becerik-Gerber Receives the 2017 USC Mentoring Award

Dr. Burcin Becerik-Gerber will receive one of the 2017 USC Mentoring Awards in the Faculty Mentoring Graduate Students category. The annual USC Mentoring Awards honor individual faculty members for helping to build a supportive academic environment. Her achievement will be recognized at the USC Mentoring Awards ceremony on Thursday, April 6, 2017.

Featured Research Assistant for March 2017: Calogero-Benedetto Rizzo

Calogero B. Rizzo (also known as Gerry) is a second year PhD student advised by Dr. Felipe de Barros. His research focuses on stochastic modeling of flow and transport through heterogeneous porous media. He is trying to find new ways to integrate the newest and most advanced computing technologies in the stochastic analysis workflow. He developed an efficient algorithm to … Read More

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CMAA Tops Off Another Year with an Impressive Performance at “Sparks”

After five months of preparation, the CMAA student chapter takes first, second and third place at this year’s construction competition.

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‘We didn’t want to just give them a glass of clean water for a day’

Kirsten Rice empowers communities in developing countries to produce their own clean water

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