Undergraduate Student Resources

  • Welcome!

    Congratulations on your admission to the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering. The information below is intended to assist you with the transition to school at USC.

    Maps and Directions

    To be sure you arrive here safely and can find the important locations on the University campus, click here for directions to USC and maps of the campus.

  • Advising

    If you have any specific questions, you may contact your assigned advisor, Geraldine Perry (CEE Undergraduate Advisor) at glorenzo@usc.edu.

    Research Experience for Undergraduates

    The Viterbi School’s SURE program provides Junior-year students the opportunity to get paid to work alongside top faculty on cutting-edge research projects during a summer in Los Angeles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students can make appointments by logging in to their MyUSC and clicking on “Undergraduate Advisement”.
Undergraduate students are assigned to Geraldine Perry in KAP 214. Students are also encouraged to speak with departmental faculty for additional advice on career paths and electives.
A registration hold or restriction will prevent a student from enrolling in classes. Registration holds may be issued by various departments on campus, such as the American Language Institute (ALI), Office of Collections, or Admissions. You may check for any restrictions by going to OASIS. The student must go to the department that issued the restriction to resolve the issue.
You requested COURSE SECTION. You are not eligible to register for courses at this level.

The course you’re trying to register has a class restriction.  It may be limited to Juniors or Seniors, or possibly it’s a grad course, and your graduate post is not yet active. Either way, please email Geraldine Perry (glorenzo@usc.edu) your ID and the error and I’ll help you out.

I’m sorry, COURSE SECTION requires departmental authorization.

Some courses need additional approval so that you can register.  If it’s an on campus section, you can request departmental clearance through myviterbi.usc.edu. If the classroom is listed as DEN@Viterbi, please call (213) 740-4488 for clearance.

I’m sorry, I am unable to register you for COURSE1 which must be taken after COURSE2. Please contact the department offering the course you wish to register for and ask the department to waive the pre-requisite requirement.

The course you selected has a prerequisite course that you have to take prior. To request that the co-requisite be waived, you will need to fill out a prerequisite waiver online at my Viterbi.

I’m sorry, COURSE1 SECTION requires simultaneous registration in COURSE2. Please add COURSE2 to your Course Bin.

The course you selected has to be taken at the same time as its co-requisite.  To request that the co-requisite be waived, you will need to fill out a prerequisite waiver online at myViterbi.

Your department has placed a mandatory advisement requirement on your registration for the term you selected.

If you haven’t been to mandatory advising (to meet with me) or you have been, but I still don’t have you resume, you may still have this hold on your account.  If you have been to meet with me, I lifted your hold, and it still won’t let you register, you can email onestop@usc.edu for assistance.

All undeclared undergraduate students must go to RTH for advisement. All current Viterbi Students go to RTH 110. Students already in a major should obtain a “Change/Addition of Major, Minor, or Degree Objective Form.
Check your STARS report in OASIS. If listed “All Requirements in Progress to go Complete” you are all set. Check grad term to make sure it is correct.
A cumulative grade point average of C (2.0) is required for all courses taken at USC as well as for all courses taken within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. In addition, a minimum grade of C must be earned in each of the following courses; CE 205, CE225, CE235, and CE309. If a student receives a grade of C- or lower in any of the above courses, they must retake the course before continuing on to the next course for which this course is a prerequisite.