BSCE Environmental Engineering

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    The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) with an emphasis on Environmental Engineering. This program is different from the BSENE, which has a much larger emphasis on environmental engineering.

    For detailed course information, please see the Course Catalogue. For a course schedule, please see the Schedule of Classes.

    Pre-Major Requirements:

    Chemistry Requirement
    CHEM 105aL: General Chemistry or CHEM 115aL: Advanced General Chemistry
    CHEM 105bL: General Chemistry or CHEM 115bL: Advanced General Chemistry

    Math Requirement
    MATH 126: Calculus II
    MATH 226: Calculus III
    MATH 245: Mathematics of Physics and Engineering I

    Physics Requirement
    PHYS 151L: Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics
    PHYS 152L: Fundamentals of Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism

    Courses from Other Engineering Departments
    *ISE 460: Engineering Economy
    CHE 330: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
    *Students who complete MATH 125 before MATH 126 will be excused from completing ISE 460.

  • Major Requirements:

    ENGR 102: Engineering Freshman Academy
    Civil Engineering
    CE 110: Introduction to Environmental Engineering
    CE 108: Introduction to Computer Methods in Civil Engineering
    CE 119: Probability Concepts and Civil Engineering
    CE 215: Statics and Dynamics
    CE 225: Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
    CE 309: Fluid Mechanics
    CE 358: Elementary Theory of Structures I
    CE 363L: Water Chemistry and Analysis
    CE 402: Computer Methods in Engineering
    CE 408: Risk Analysis in Civil Engineering
    CE 410L: Introduction to Environmental Engineering Microbiology
    CE 451: Water Resources Engineering
    CE 456: Structural Design I
    CE 467L: Geotechnical Engineering
    CE 480: Civil and Environmental Engineering Capstone Design
    CE 485: Wastewater Treatment Design
    ENE 200: Environmental Engineering Principles
    ENE 215: Energy Systems and Environmental Tradeoffs
    ENE 428: Air Pollution Fundamentals

    Major Electives
    Select at least 6 units of design courses from the following: CE 457, CE 465, CE 476, and CE 482.