Ph.D. Dissertation Archive

Some dissertations may be obtained through the USC Library via Homer.

Bassamzadeh, Nastaran (Ph.D.) Probabilistic data-driven predictive models for energy applications, Advisor: Roger Ghanem.

Hasheminassab, Sina (Ph.D.) Physico-chemical properties and source apportionment of size-fractionated airborne particulate matter in urban areas with implications for public health, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Hemmat Abiri, Elham (Ph.D.) Structural Nonlinear Control Strategies to Provide Life Safety and Serviceability, Advisor: Erik Johnson.

Jabbari, Nima (Ph.D.) Hydraulic Fracturing and the Environment: Risk Assessment for Groundwater Contamination from Well Casing Failure, Advisor: Fred Aminzadeh.

Kim, Woonhoe (Ph.D.) Optimizing Biomembrane Reactor Systems for Water Reclamation and Reuse Applications, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari.

Ko, Haeng Sik (Ph.D.) The Development of a Hydraulic-Control Wave-maker (HCW) for the Study of Non-Linear Surface Waves, Advisor: Patrick Lynett.

Thimmisetty, Charanraj (Ph.D.) Risk Assessment, Intrinsic Interpolation and Computationally Efficient Models for Systems UnderUncertainty, Advisor: Roger Ghanem.

Wang, Dongbin (Ph.D) Development Of Novel Techniques For Evaluating Physical, Chemical And Toxicological Properties Of Particulate Matter In Ambient Air, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Yang, Zheng (Ph.D.) Building Occupancy Modeling and Occupancy-Loads Relationships for Building Heating/Cooling Energy Efficiency, Advisor: Burcin Becerik.

Zhu, Guanying (Ph.D.) Three-Dimensional Diffraction and Scattering of Elastic Waves around Hemispherical Surface Topographies, Advisor: Vincent Lee.


Alshaiji, Mohammad (Ph.D.) Train Induced Vibrations in Poroelastic Media, Advisor: Hung Wong.

Amiri, Daniel (Ph.D.) Low-Cycle Fatigue Effects in Reduced-Beam Section Moment Connections, Advisor: James Anderson.

Brandow, Heather (Ph.D) Two-Dimensional Weighted Residual Method for Scattering and Diffraction of Elastic Waves by Arbitrary Shaped Surface Topography, Advisor: Vincent Lee. Dissertation

Ebrahimian Dehaghani, Mahdi (Ph.D.) Structural System Identification and Health Monitoring of Buildings by the Wave Method Based on The Timoshenko Beam Model, Advisor: Maria Todorovska. Dissertation

Elhaddad, Wael (Ph.D.) Towards an Optimal Design of Feedback Strategies for Structures Controlled with Smart Dampers, Advisor: Erik Johnson.

Ghadiri, Maryam (Ph.D.) Feasibility of Using a Lined Portion of the Los Angeles River for Artificial Recharge, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. Dissertation

Jazizadeh Karimi, Farrokh (Ph.D.) User-Centric Smart Sensing for Non-Intrusive Electricity Consumption Disaggregation in Buildings, Advisor: Burcin Becerik-Gerber.

Koganti, Prasanth Babu (Ph.D) New approaches in modeling and control of dynamical systems, Advisor: Firdaus Udwadia.


Kamalzare, Mahmoud (Ph.D.) Computationally Efficient Design of Optimal Strategies for Passive and Semiactive Damping Devices in Smart Structures, Advisor: Erik Johnson. Dissertation

Li, Weixuan (Ph.D.) Inverse Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification of Nonlinear Flow in Porous Media Models, Advisor: Dongxiao Zhang. Dissertation

Lu, Shentong (Ph.D.) Numerical Analysis of Harbour Oscillation under Effect of Fluctuating Tidal Level and Varying Harbour Layout, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. Dissertation


Ataei , Hossein (Ph.D.) Effect of the Air Blast on Glazing Systems Safety: Mitigating the Injuries from Flying Glass, Advisor: James Anderson

Chuen-Im, Chanin (Ph.D.) A Coastal Development Idea for Gulf of Thailand to Improve Global Trades, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee

Daher, Nancy (Ph.D.) Size-Resolved Particulate Matter (Pm) In Urban Areas: Toxico-Chemical Characteristics, Sources, Trends And Health Implications, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas. Dissertation

DeVore, Charles (Ph.D.) Damage Detection Using Substructure Identification, Advisor: Erik Johnson. Dissertation

Haddad Zadegan, Hamed (Ph.D.) Data Worth Analysis in Geostatistics and Spatial Prediction, Advisor: Roger Ghanem

Huang, Ziyi (Ph.D.) Open Channel Flow Instabilities: Modeling the Spatial Evolution of Roll Waves, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. Dissertation

Jafarkhani, Reza (Ph.D.) Studies Into Vibration-Signature-Based Methods for System Identification, Damage Detection and Health Monitoring of Civil Infrastructures, Advisor: Sami F. Masri. Dissertation

Kam, Winnie (Ph.D.) Particulate Matter (Pm) Exposure For Commuters In Los Angeles: Chemical Characterization And Implications To Public Health, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas. Dissertation

Lakeland, Daniel (Ph.D.) Continuum Modeling Techniques and Their Application to the Physics of Soil Liquefaction and Dissipative Vibrations, Advisors: Roger Ghanem and Amy Rechenmacher. Dissertation

Thacher, Ryan (Ph.D.) Electrokinetic Transport of Cr(VI) and Integration with Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticle and Microbial Fuel Cell Technologies for Aquifer Remediation, Advisor: Mike Pirbazari. Dissertation

Tipireddy, Ramakrishna (Ph.D.) Modeling and Algorithms for Stochastic Upscaling, Advisor: Roger Ghanem. Dissertation

Varjavand, Roshanak (Ph.D) Numerical Simulation of Seismic Site Amplification Effects, Advisor: Hung Leung Wong, Dissertation


Abedi Mashhadi Mighani, Sara (Ph.D.) Meso-scale Kinematics in Shear Bands and Impact of Material Heterogeneity on Shear Band Development in Sand, Advisor: Amy Rechenmacher.

Bozorgnia, Mehrdad (Ph.D.) Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Highway Bridge Superstructures Exposed to Hurricane Waves. Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. Dissertation

Cheung, Kalam (Ph.D.) Temporal, Spatial And Toxicological Characteristics Of Coarse Particulate Matter In An Urban Area And Relation To Sources And Regulations, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas. Dissertation

Comboul, Maud (Ph.D.) Stochastic And Multiscale Models For Urban And Natural Ecology, Advisor: Roger Ghanem.

Hudda, Neelakshi (Ph.D.) Ultrafine particle concentration inside vehicles: models for exposure assessment, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas.

Kim, Hyoung-Jin (Ph.D) Numerical and Experimental Study on Dynamics Of Unsteady Pipe Flow Involving Backflow Prevention Assemblies, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee. Dissertation

Meidani, Hadi (Ph.D.) Uncertainty Management For Complex Systems Of Systems: Applications To The Future Smart Grid, Advisor: Roger Ghanem.

Rojas Barrales, Fabian (Ph.D.) Development Of A Nonlinear Quadrilateral Layered Membrane Element With Drilling Degrees Of Freedom And A Nonlinear Quadrilateral Thin Flat Layered Shell Element For The Modeling Of Reinforced Concrete Walls, Advisor: Roger Ghanem. Dissertation

Son, Sangyoung (Ph.D.) Wave Induced Hydrodynamic Complexity And Transport In The Nearshore, Advisor: Patrick Lynett. Dissertation

Teng, Liping (Ph.D.) Scattering And Diffraction Of Anti-Plane (SH) Elastic Waves By Parabolic Surface Topographies, Advisor: Vincent W. Lee. Dissertation

Terapathana, Surat (Ph.D.) An Energy Method For Earthquake Resistant Design Of RC Structures, Advisor: James Anderson. Dissertation


Amornwongpaibun, Alongkorn (Ph.D.) Diffraction of anti-plane (SH) waves by surface elliptical topographies in an elastic half-space, Advisor: Vincent W. Lee, ISBN: 1-267-07558-9. Dissertation

Hsu, Lewis (Ph.D.) Evaluation of chromium remediation in groundwater: Investigations using microbial fuel cells and electrokinetic systems, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 978-1-12-495029-7. Dissertation

Jahanshahi, Mohammad Reza (Ph.D.) Vision-based studies for structural health monitoring and condition assessment, Advisor: Sami F. Masri, ISBN: 978-1-12-495041-9.

Noshadravan, Arash (Ph.D.) Stochastic characterization, realization and upscaling of polycrystalline materials, Advisor: Roger Ghanem, ISBN: 978-1-26-707740-0.

Pakbin, Payam (Ph.D.) Investigation of physico-chemical characteristics of size-segregated particulate matter in a metropolitan environment and their impact on air quality in southern California, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 978-1-26-707650-2. Dissertation

Shin, Sanghee (Ph.D.) Electroremediation of offshore muds contaminated with heavy metals, Advisor: Najmedin Meshkati, ISBN: 978-1-26-707750-9. Dissertation

Verma, Vishal (Ph.D.) Toxicological characteristics of particulate matter in an urban environment and their linkage to the source-specific constituents, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 978-1-12-478915-6. Dissertation

Willardson, Bennington, J. (Ph.D.) Prediction of extreme runoff frequency events in southern California, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 978-1-12-495232-1. Dissertation

Zand, Amir, G. (Ph.D.) Enabling geotechnical data for broader use by the spatial data infrastructures, Advisor: Jean-Pierre Bardet, ISBN: 1-124-95206-3. Dissertation


Chan, Ngo Yeung (Ph.D.) Superoxide Radical and UV Irradiation in Ultrasound Assisted Oxidative Desulfurization (UAOD): A Potential Alternative for Green Fuels, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen, Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 978-1-10-977139-8. Dissertation

Chockalingam, Karthikeyan (Ph.D.) Modeling of multiscale continuum-atomistic systems using homogenization theory, Advisor: Carter Wellford. Dissertation

Fan, William, Tsu-Chieh (Ph.D.) Regeneration of used petroleum-based lubricants and biolubricants by a novel green and sustainable technology, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 978-1-24-374092-2. Dissertation

Hwang, Young Seo (Ph.D.) Three dimensional responses of a steel structure under blast loads, Advisor: James C. Anderson, ISBN: 1-124-41290-5. Dissertation

Kou, Zhiqing (Ph.D.) Predicting debris yield using artificial intelligence models, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 978-1-12-416094-8. Dissertation

Mokarram, Nazila (Ph.D.) Data exchange in geotechnical engineering, Advisor: Jean-Pierre Bardet, ISBN: 978-1-12-441331-0. Dissertation

Tan, Yuan-Hung (Ph.D.) Oscillations of semi-enclosed water body induced by hurricanes, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 1-124-41388-X. Dissertation

Zhang, Dongyu (Ph.D) Controlled substructure identification for shear structures, Advisor: Erik A. Johnson, ISBN: 1-124-41415-0. Dissertation


Arhami, Mohammad (Ph.D.) Exposure assessment and source apportionment of size fractions of airborne particulate matter, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 1-109-13809-1. Dissertation

Asghari, Ali (Ph.D.) Characterization of environmental variability in identified dynamic properties of a soil-foundation-structure system, Advisor: Erik A. Johnson, ISBN: 1-109-56035-4. Dissertation

Fu, Tat Shing (Ph.D.) Smart buildings: Synergy in structural control, structural health monitoring and environmental systems, Advisor: Erik A. Johnson, Sami F. Masri, ISBN: 1-109-13708-7. Dissertation

Harich, Christopher, Robert (Ph.D.) Field and laboratory analysis of water well design parameters, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 978-1-10-913625-8. Dissertation

Haroun, Muhammad (Ph.D.) Feasibility of in-situ removal of heavy metals by electroremediation of offshore muds, Advisor: Najmedin Meshkati, George Chilingar, ISBN: 978-1-10-929267-1. Dissertation

Mansuri, Mehran (Ph.D.) Torsional effects on the inelastic seismic response of structures, Advisor: James C. Anderson, ISBN: 1-109-13643-9. Dissertation

McKay, Kirsten (Ph.D.) Three applications of the reciprocal theorem in soil-structure interaction, Advisor: Hung Leung Wong, ISBN: 978-1-10-913645-6. Dissertation

Ning, Zhi (Ph.D.) Influence of atmospheric processes on the physico-chemical properties of primary particles and their impact on public exposure, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 978-1-10-929355-5. Dissertation

Sayre, Jaime, Monique (Ph.D.) Identifying remediation techniques and quantifying TMDL regulated pollutants for stormwater runoff in the Los Angeles region, Advisor: Joseph S. Devinny, ISBN: 1-109-29511-1. Dissertation

Xing, Xiuying (Ph.D.) Computer modeling for wave oscillation problems in harbors and coastal regions, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 1-109-13739-7. Dissertation


Amiri, Sharid Khan (Ph.D.) The earthquake response of bridge pile foundations to liquefaction induced lateral spread displacement demands, Advisor: Martin Geoffrey, ISBN: 978-1-10-913462-9. Dissertation

Biswas, Subhasis (Ph.D.) Investigation of physico-chemical characteristics of particulate matter from vehicular sources, Advisor: Sioutas Constantinos, ISBN: 978-0-54-960684-0. Dissertation

Chang, Jen (Ph.D.) Hydrodynamic modeling and feasibility study of harnessing tidal power at the Bay of Fundy, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 978-0-54-960642-0. Dissertation

Chen, Pei-Wen (Ph.D.) Vibration of nearby structures induced by high-speed rail transit, Advsior: Hung Leung Wong, ISBN: 0-549-98162-4. Dissertation

Cheng, Shun Sheng (Ph.D.) Ultra Clean Fuels Via Modified UAOD Process with Room Temperature Ionic Liquid (RTIL) & Solid Catalyst Polishing, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen, ISBN: 0-549-60683-1. Dissertation

Das, Sonjoy (Ph.D.) Model, identification & analysis of complex stochastic systems: Applications in stochastic partial differential equations and multiscale mechanics, Advisor: Roger Ghanem, ISBN: 978-0-54-978217-9. Dissertation

Liu, Fang (Ph.D.) Data discovery on liquefaction-induced lateral ground deformations, Advisor: Jean-Pierre Bardet, ISBN: 0-549-97307-9. Dissertation

Luo, Hao (Ph.D.) Diffraction of SH-waves by surface or sub-surface topographies with application to soil-structure interaction on shallow foundations, Advisor: Vincent W. Lee, ISBN: 978-0-54-997304-1. Dissertation

Nastar, Navid (Ph.D.) The Effect of Higher Modes on Earthquake Fatigue Damage To Steel Moment Frames, Advisor: James C. Anderson, ISBN: 0-549-60568-1. Dissertation

Pan, Chien-Cheng (Ph.D.) Identifying and quantifying the impact of air pollution source areas by nonparametric trajectory analysis, Advisor: Ronald Henry, ISBN: 0-549-97552-7. Dissertation

Sam, Christian (Ph.D.) Optimum Cleanup Scenarios for Voc's and Perchlorate in Baldwin Park Operable Unit, San Gabriel Valley, Southern California, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 978-0-54-978468-5. Dissertation

Uslu, Burak (Ph.D.) Deterministic and probabilistic tsunami studies in California from near and farfield sources, Advisor: Costas E. Synolakis, ISBN: 978-0-54-997579-3. Dissertation

Wu, Yuntian (Ph.D.) Development of precast concrete and steel hybrid special moment-resisting frames, Advisor: Yan Xiao, ISBN: 978-0-54-997582-3. Dissertation

Yang, Chia-Yu (Ph.D.) The feasibility studies on sonochemical processes for treating used oil: Toxin reduction for eliminating recycle interference, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen, ISBN: 978-0-54-997591-5. Dissertation


Chien, Alex Yuhwen (Ph.D.), A Complete Time-Harmonic Radiation Boundary For Discrete Elastodynamic Models, Advisor: Hung Leung Wong, ISBN: 0-549-00873-X. Dissertation

Choi, Kang-Kyu (Ph.D.), Analytical and Experimental Studies on Mechanical Behavior of Confined Concrete Filled Tubular Columns, Advisor: Yan Xiao, ISBN: 978-0-54-938931-6. Dissertation

Chou, Hsiao-Fen (Ph.D.), Seismic responses of a tilt-up building with segmented walls, Advisor: James Anderson, ISBN: 0-549-23180-3. Dissertation

Dilmaghani, Shabnam (Ph.D.) Spectral analysis of air quality data, Advisor: Ronald Henry, ISBN: 978-8-54-939017-6. Dissertation

Etemadi, Omid (Ph.D.) Selective adsorption in ultrasound assisted oxidative desulfurization process with nano-engineered adsorbents: Mechanism and characterization, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen, ISBN: 0-549-00870-5. Dissertation

Nikzad, Atosa Vahdati (Ph.D.) Biological sulfate reduction in sulfate-rich industrial wastewaters by anaerobic fluidized-bed reactors: Effect of electron donors, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 0-549-38959-8. Dissertation

Pazokifard, Babak (Ph.D.) Locating and quantifying sources of air pollution by nonparametric trajectory analysis, Advisor: Ronald Henry, ISBN: 0-549-39071-5. Dissertation

Phuleria, Harish Chandra (Ph.D.) Measurement and methods of assessing the impact of prevalent particulate matter sources on air quality in southern California, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas, ISBN: 0-549-00771-7. Dissertation

Ramadan, Jamal I (Ph.D.) Settlement of Dry Cohesionless Soil Deposits Under Earthquake Induced Loading, Advisor: Geoffrey R. Martin, ISBN: 978-0-54-939025-1. Dissertation

Rhee, Richard Sangwon (Ph.D.) Multi-Scale Modeling of Functionally Graded Materials (FGMs) Using Finite Element Methods, Advisor: Carter Wellford, ISBN: 0-549-38936-9. Dissertation

Rjoub, Yousef Saleh Al (Ph.D.) Soil Structure Interaction In Poroelastic Soils, Advisor: Maria I. Todorovska, ISBN: 0-549-00925-6. Dissertation

Saad, George Amine (Ph.D.) Stochastic data assimilation with application to multi-phase flow and health monitoring problems, Advisor: Roger Ghanem, ISBN: 0-549-39000-6. Dissertation

Samee, Masoud (Ph.D.) Biological Sulfate Reduction of Reverse Osmosis Brine Concentrate: Process Modeling and Design, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari, ISBN: 0-549-00871-3. Dissertation

Shamsabadi, Anooshirvan (Ph.D.) Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Seismic Soilabutment-Foundation-Structure Interaction Analysis of Skewed Bridges, Advisor: Yan Xiao, ISBN: 978-0-54-900874-3. Dissertation

Wu, Hui (Ph.D.) Constitutive model of concrete confined by advanced fiber composite materials and applications in seismic retrofitting, Advisor: Yan Xiao, ISBN: 978-0-54-925909-1. Dissertation

Yun, Hae-Bum (Ph.D.) Analytical and Experimental Studies of Modeling and Monitoring Uncertain Nonlinear Systems, Advisor: Sami F. Masri, ISBN: 978-0-54-925908-4. Dissertation


Lee, Yangsoo (Ph.D.) Wireless instrumentation and metadata for geotechnical centrifuge, Advisor: J.P. Bardet. Dissertation

Wan, Meng-Wei (Ph.D.) Development of a portable, modular unit for the optimization of ultrasound-assisted oxidative desulfurization of diesel, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen. Dissertation


Dodds, Andrew (Ph.D.), A numerical study of pile behavior in large pile groups under lateral loading, Advisor: Geoffrey R. Martin, ISBN 0-542-20443-6

Elmasry, Mohamed Ihab Sherif (Ph.D.), Health monitoring of structures under ambient vibrations using semiactive devices, Advisor: Erik A. Johnson, ISBN 0-542-20514-9. Dissertation

Gicev, Vlado (Ph.D.), Investigation of soil-flexible foundation-structure interaction for incident plane SH waves, Advisor: Mihailo D. Trifunac, ISBN 0-542-20360-X. Dissertation

Kim, Hyung Suk (Ph.D.), Nonlinear response of a pile-soil-pile interaction model to a vertically incident wave, Advisor: Mihailo D. Trifunac, ISBN 0-542-20490-8. Dissertation

Koniakos, Antonios (M.S.), Seismic response of a six story instrumented building, ISBN 0-542-20893-8. Dissertation

Kwon, Hyuk Jae (Ph.D.), Transient flow in water distribution system, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN 0-542-20405-3. Dissertation

Ozis, Fethiye (Ph.D.) A Percolation Biofilm-Growth Model For Biomass Clogging In Biofilters, Advisor: Dr. Joe Devinny. Dissertation

Pak, Jang Hyuk (Ph.D.), A real-time debris prediction model (USCDPM) incorporating wildfire and subsequent storm events, Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN 0-542-20377-4. Dissertation


Al-Fares, Rana Abdulla (Ph.D.), The utility of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) interferometry in monitoring sinkhole subsidence, Advisor: Jean-Pierre Bardet, ISBN 0-496-87569-4. Dissertation

Hu, Jianping (Ph.D.), Modeling of ground deformation using spatial analysis and elasto-plastic finite strain theory, Advisor: Jean-Pierre Bardet, ISBN 0-496-87624-3. Dissertation

Kim, Daeik (Ph.D.), Study of biopolymer-modified concrete system: Geopolymerization of biopolymers, Advisor: Teh Fu Yen, ISBN 0-496-04757-4. Dissertation


Alattar, Mohammad Ali (Ph.D.), Multi-objective optimization for intermodal container freight terminals: Mathematical modeling of transport and operations, Advisor: James E. Moore, II

Alrakabi, Fahad (Ph.D.), The optimal cluster repair sequence for a transportation network following an earthquake, Advisor: James E. Moore, II. Dissertation

Ersever, Ilknur (Ph.D.), Biological nitrification-denitrification and sulfate reduction of reverse osmosis brine rejects, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari. Dissertation

Estes, Kent Richard (Ph.D.), An energy method for seismic design, Advisor: James C. Anderson. Dissertation

Fan, Yueyue (Ph.D.), Optimal routing through stochastic networks, Advisor: James E. Moore, II. Dissertation

Geller, Michael David
(Ph.D.), Investigation of the physical and chemical characteristics of ambient coarse particulate matter in indoor and outdoor environments, Advisor: Constantinos Sioutas. Dissertation

Nowroozi, Ali Reza (Ph.D.), Fractal theory and groundwater flow in fractured media, Advisor: Geoffrey R. Martin. Dissertation

Tarassoly, Vida (Ph.D.), Application of fluid viscous dampers to steel structures located within near-fault earthquake zones, Advisor: James C. Anderson. Dissertation

Wahbeh, Ahmed Mazen (Ph.D.), Analytical and experimental studies in nonlinear structural health monitoring and system identification, Advisor: Sami F. Masri. Dissertation

Yun, Henry Wook (Ph.D.), Full-scale experimental and analytical studies on high-strength concrete columns, Advisor: Yan Xiao. Dissertation


Chao, Chi-Shih (Ph.D.), Modified marker-and-cell model for wave-structure interactions,  Advisor: Jiin-Jen Lee, ISBN: 0-493-93840-0. Dissertation

Hansen, David James (M.S.), An evaluation of boat wake energy attenuation by a tule stand on the Sacramento River (California), Advisor: Douglas J. Sherman. Dissertation

Hao, Tzong-Ying (Ph.D.), Investigation of energy flow in earthquake response of structures, Adviser Mihailo D. Trifunac, ISBN: 0-493-93894-X. Dissertation

Williams, Mark Dennis (Ph.D.), Membrane bioreactor process for removing biodegradable organic matter and disinfection by-product precursors from water: Modeling and process efficiency, Advisor: Massoud Pirbazari. Dissertation

Wolfe, Raymond Walter (Ph.D.), Analytical and experimental studies of structural health monitoring of nonlinear viscous dampers, Advisor: Sami F. Masri. Dissertation