Department Staff & Advisory Board


Administrative Staff:

Kaela Berry

Administrative Assistant II

Marketing strategies and public relations; department Newsletter, postcards, mailings and letters; event coordination; David Wilson Affiliates alumni support group and the CEE Board of Advisors; photographer; staff support for ABET; APT dossiers; manages and updates bulletin boards in KAP.

Office: KAP210 | Tel: (213) 740-0040 | Fax: (213) 744-1426

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Susan Huang

Budget Analyst / Research Administrator

Proposal preparation; budget development; account management including expenditure auditing, reconciliation and closeout; research assistant payroll.

Office: KAP 228 | Tel: (213) 821-2905

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Tessie Jamanila

Department Business Manager

Coordinates department activities; chair support; faculty affairs; account management; human resources; database collection and reporting; internal systems and procedures; space, facilities and security; department events coordinator

Recognition Of 30 Years of Service At USC

Office: KAP 210B | Tel: (213) 740-0606 | Fax: (213) 744-1426

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Jake Kirchner

Budget Analyst / Research Administrator

Proposal preparation; budget development; account management; expenditure auditing; reconciliation; closeout; research assistant payroll.

Office: KAP 218 | Tel: (213) 740-0604 | Fax: (213) 744-1426

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Maria Mallari

Budget Analyst / Research Administrator

Proposal preparation; budget development; account management; expenditure auditing; reconciliation; closeout; research assistant payroll.

Office: KAP 215 | Tel: (213) 740-0894 | Fax: (213) 744-1426

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Alexis Matthews

CEE Graduate Advisor

Advises graduate students; processes student petitions for d-clearance, course pre-requisite waivers, approval of transfer coursework, etc.; attends student advising meetings, university student services coordinators’ meetings, and school-wide meetings; coordinates and plans events for masters and doctoral students

Office: KAP 214 | Tel: (213) 740-0573

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Geraldine Perry

Director, CEE Undergraduate Student Services

Advise undergraduate students; counsel undergraduate students; plan and organize CEE student-related events; David Wilson Affiliates alumni support group; course and curriculum development; course and program quality assessment; ABET review and accreditation

Office: KAP 214 | Tel: (213) 740-0589

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Research and Lab Staff:

Olivier Ezvan

Postdoctoral Scholar

Office: KAP 130

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Erick Joel Hernandez

Environmental Instructional Lab Technician

The environmental and geotechnical engineering laboratories; sets up and maintains labs and equipment; troubleshoots, repairs, and refurbishes instruments.

Office: BHE 219 | Tel: (213) 740-4243/6024

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Saeid Jafari

Postdoctoral Scholar

Office: KAP 268D

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Michael Johnson

Laboratory Technician

Office: KAP B32 | Tel: (213) 740-0599

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Loujaine Mehrez

Research Scientist (Staff) for Dr. Roger Ghanem

Office: KAP 130 | Tel: (213) 740-9165

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Panagiotis Tsilifis

Postdoctoral Fellow

Office: KAP 130

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Jianqiang Wei

Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Wei works with Dr. Bora Gencturk pursuing research in the area of high-performance and durable construction materials.

Office: KAP 230D

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Board of Advisors

On November 7th, 2013, the new members of the CEE Advisory Board were introduced to Dean Yortsos, CEE Department Chair, faculty, staff, students, and staff of Viterbi advancement. The agenda included a presentation on the Department’s strategic plan and ENE program, research presentations by new hires and faculty, presentations by undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students, ABET presentation by Dr. Wellford, FCCHR presentation by Dr. JJ Lee, and an open discussion with Dr. Soibelman and the following board members:

Sonny Hassan Astani
Astani Enterprises
USC MS Industrial & Systems Engineering ’78

Brandon Blaylock
CEO and President
USC, BS Civil Engineering ’79
USC, MS Petroleum Engineering ‘83

Lewis P. Cornell, P.E.
Vice President
California District Operations Manager
University of Pittsburgh, BS Civil Engineering ’92

Patrick Reed Fuscoe   
Fuscoe Engineering, Inc.
President and CEO
USC, BS Civil Engineering ’72

John Hanula, AIA
MWH Global
Senior Vice President
University of Tennessee-Knoxville,
BA Architecture ’83; MS Civil Engineering

George L. Pla
Cordoba Corporation
President & CEO
USC, MPA Public Administration ’74

Stephen C. Schrank
Rancho Mission Viejo
Retired Executive Vice President
USC, BS Civil Engineering ‘69
USC, MBA Business Administration ‘74
Southwestern University, JD

Steven Sellinger
Envent Corporation
USC, BS Petroleum; MS Civil/Environmental Engineering

David Howard Siemek
BNSF Railway
Enterprise Architect, Enterprise Architecture and Emerging Technologies

Walter H. Singer 
Advanced Chemical Transport
USC, BS Civil Engineering ’82
California State University San Francisco, MBA

Peter Wilson Trelenberg  

Exxon Mobil Corporation
Manager, Environmental Policy & Planning
University of Wisconsin-Madison,
BS Civil & Environmental Engineering ’80