Ziad Georges Ghauch is a PhD candidate advised by Professor Roger Ghanem. His research focuses broadly on uncertainty quantification and computational stochastic mechanics, and specifically to uncertainty management in multiscale composite systems. During his PhD, he has worked on developing a theoretical and computational framework for decision making under uncertainty, with application to multiphysics and multiscale systems. He has been … Read More

Asadollah (Asad) Esmaeily, 59, passed away peacefully at the KU Med Center on June 3, 2018, after a short battle with lung cancer. Esmaeily earned two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Southern California. After graduation he briefly worked for the California Department of Transportation before joining Kansas State University in 2002. Read more

Stephanie Gee is a second year Environmental Engineering Ph.D student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at University of Southern California advised by Professor Adam Smith. Her research focuses on developing piezoelectric activation as a low-energy fouling mitigation strategy for polymeric nanofiber membranes in anaerobic membrane bioreactors. Gee received her B.S. in chemical engineering from Northeastern University before coming to USC. Her … Read More

PhD graduate Trevor Krasowsky received the William F. Ballhaus, Jr. Prize for Excellence in Graduate Engineering Research at the 2018 Viterbi Ph.D. Hooding and Awards ceremony on May 10. His research, under the direction of Assistant Professor George Ban-Weiss, looks at climate and health issues caused by air pollutants known as black carbon particles produced by diesel engines, coal power plants and biomass burning. His work aids scientists and … Read More

His research focuses on Semantic Modeling of Outdoor Scenes for The Creation of Virtual Environments and Simulations. He developed a point cloud/mesh segmentation software, called STPLS, to segment, classify, and recognize distinct types of objects together with identifying and extracting associated features in photogrammetric generated point clouds/meshes. More information about the project that he is currently working on can be … Read More

USC CEE staff member Jake Kirchner has won a Dean’s Staff Early Career Award, one of the Viterbi Staff Awards given at the 2018 Faculty & Staff Awards Luncheon. Dean Yortsos presented him the award on Friday, April 25, at Town and Gown.

Dr. Burcin Becerik-Gerber has been appointed as one of ten Rutherford Visiting Fellows at the Alan Turing Institute in the UK. The Rutherford Visiting Fellowships are supported by the Rutherford Fund which aims to help maintain the UK’s position as a world leader in science and research by attracting highly skilled researchers to the UK.

Environmental Engineering PhD student Rebecca Peer received the WiSE Merit Award for Current PhD Students. This award is offered to Ph.D. students, two from the USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences and two from the Viterbi School of Engineering, who demonstrate exceptional work in their field. The purpose of the WiSE Merit Award is to provide … Read More

Mohammad Hanifehzadeh is a graduate research assistant in Sonny Astani department of civil engineering, advised by Dr. Gencturk. His research is focused on safety evaluation and remaining life estimation of concrete structures through experiments and computer simulations. He is also developing new algorithm for digital image processing and finite element models for that purpose. The results of his study may … Read More