Student, Mayra Rodriguez, receives NAC Academic Scholarship

Congratulations to Mayra Rodriguez, who was awarded an academic scholarship by The National Academy of Construction. Mayra is currently pursuing her degree in engineering and architectural design and is aiming to be a licensed professional engineer in the construction management field. Published on July 27th, 2021Last updated on August 3rd, 2021

PhD Student, Connor Sauceda, receives NSF GRFP

Congratulations to Connor Sauceda, first-year PhD student advised by Dr. Adam Smith, who received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program award. Published on March 24th, 2021Last updated on March 24th, 2021

Dr. Adam Smith is Featured in USC Trojan Family

Dr. Adam Smith has recently been featured in the USC Trojan Family article, “As More Bacteria Grow Resistant to Antibiotics, Scientists Are Fighting Back”. Drawing on his research on antibiotic-resistant bacteria in water supplies, Dr. Smith contributes to the discussion of microbial resiliene that might result in a post-antibiotic world. To read the full article, please click here. Published on … Read More

Dr. Qiming Wang’s Research Featured on Wired

Dr. Qiming Wang’s research is featured on Wired. To read the article –  “The Mantis Shrimp Inspires a New Material – please click here. Published on February 23rd, 2021Last updated on April 19th, 2021

A Recent Publication by PhD Candidate, Mo Chen, has been listed amongst the 2020 Altmetric Top 100 Most-Discussed Articles

A recent publication by Mo Chen, a PhD candidate advised by both Dr. Kelly Sanders and Dr. George Ban-Weiss, has been listed among the 2020 Altmetric Top 100 most-discussed articles. Chen’s paper, titled “Utilizing smart-meter data to project impacts of urban warming on residential electricity use for vulnerable populations in Southern California”, addresses the effects of intensifying heat waves on … Read More

Dr. George Ban-Weiss Interviewed by BBC Reel, “The Heat Gap of Dividing a Major US City”.

In a recent video “The heat gap of dividing a major US city”, BBC Reel interviewed Dr. George Ban-Weiss about the Los Angeles heat gap that describes an unequal distribution of heat across urban neighborhoods. Dr. Ban-Weiss shares his expertise on the urban heat island effect, heat mitigation strategies, and the socioeconomic disparities that result in uneven vegetative cover. This … Read More

Dr. Roger Ghanem and Student Develop a Reliable Covid-19 Predicting Model

In response to the devastating numbers of COVID-19 cases in the U.S., Professor Ghanem and doctoral student Xiaoshu Zeng have developed a reliable COVID-19-predicting model that can create a “forecast” for the number of cases on a certain day. This model can be a new tool to help track the effectiveness of the U.S.’s ongoing and future health/viral containment policies. … Read More

Daniel McCurry receives grant from National Science Foundation to study fate of preservative chemicals in recycled greywater.

Dr. Daniel McCurry received a grant from the NSF Division of Chemistry to study the fate of parabens, which are common preservative chemicals used in personal care products, during recycling of greywater. The grant, in collaboration with Drs. John Sivey and Keith Reber at Towson University in Maryland, will be used to study how parabens react with common disinfectants used … Read More

Former Postdoc, Dr. Syeed Md Iskander, Accepts Tenure Track Assistant Professor at North Dakota State University

Congratulations to Dr. Syeed Md Iskander who recently accepted a Tenure Track Assistant Professor position in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at North Dakota State University.  Dr. Iskander worked as a postdoctoral research associate with Profs. Adam Smith and Amy Childress at USC from May 2019 to Aug 2020. He received his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech Civil and Environmental … Read More

Former PhD student, Dr. Ashrant Aryal Accepts Position as a TT Assistant Professor at Texas A&M

Congratulations to former PhD student, Dr. Ashrant Aryal, who recently accepted a position as a tenure track assistant professor at Texas A&M University.  Ashrant recently received his PhD degree this spring from the USC Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, under the supervision of Professor Burcin Becerik.  As he begins this new position, we wish him an amazing … Read More