MSCE Advanced Design & Construction Technology


In this program, students will explore an integrative approach to design, engineering and construction technology, and in developing expertise in core topics including sustainability, data analysis and visualization, computing, modeling, simulation, process engineering and manufacturing, leadership, design and innovation. This program is designed for students with a passion for technologies and a passion to influence the design and engineering of the built environment. The curriculum will prepare this next generation of innovators to not only harness the power of technological innovation, but to bridge the industry’s fragmentation in order to foster collaboration, catalyze change, and offer advanced and sustainable solutions to global problems.

ADCT graduates will pave the way in design, engineering, construction, management and leadership roles in the built environment. Our graduates can expect to find roles in AECO firms, in technology firms, and in management consulting firms who focus on civil infrastructure, smart cites, buildings and technology. Our graduates will be encouraged and supported to be entrepreneurs and stewards of the built environment and to help solve many of its grand challenges.

For more information about this program, please our program page on the Viterbi Graduate Admissions Site.