MSENE Environmental Engineering

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Program Requirements

The Master’s of Science in Environmental Engineering (MSENE) Program requires students complete 27 units (9 courses). These must include the 3 CORE courses, 4 courses from either the Air or Water concentration (below), and 2 electives.

For detailed course information, please see the Course Catalogue. For a course schedule, please see the Schedule of Classes.

CORE (3 courses)

ENE 512: Environmental Fluid Mechanics (Spring only)
ENE 505: Energy and the Environment (Fall only)
CE 505: Data Management (Fall only)

Choose either Air or Water concentration (4 courses)
  • Air

    ENE 426: Particulate Air Pollutants: Properties/Behavior/ Measurement (Spring only)
    Taught by Prof. Sioutas
    ENE 527: Climate Change and Atmospheric Aerosols (Fall only)
    Taught by Prof. Ban-Weiss
    ENE 535: Air Pollution Management: Exposure, Health Effects and Risk (Spring only)
    Taught by Prof. Sioutas

    Pick one: CE 463L*, CE 523*(Fall only), CE 553*, CE 516
    *Note: CE 453: Water Quality Control (Fall only), or equivalent, is a prerequisite for CE 463L, CE 523 and CE 553.

    Note: Air Concentration students must take ENE 428: Air Pollution Fundamentals in lieu of one of the electives if they have not already taken the course, or its equivalent, as an undergraduate.

  • Water

    ENE 599 (ENE 562): Aquatic Chemistry (Spring only)
    Taught by Prof. McCurry
    CE 523: Physicochemical Processes in Environmental Engineering (Fall only)
    Taught by Prof. Childress
    CE 553: Biological Processes in Environmental Engineering
    Taught by Prof. Smith

    Pick one: ENE 426 (Spring only), ENE 527 (Fall only), or ENE 535 (Spring only)

    Note: CE 453: Water Quality Control is considered a pre-requisite for the Water Concentration; if not taken prior to coming to USC, it must be taken in the first year and is not counted toward the degree.

Suggested Electives
(2 courses)

CE 451: Water Resources Engineering (Spring only)
CE 484: Water Treatment Design (Fall only)
CE 485: Wastewater Treatment Design (Spring only)
CE 503: Microbiology for Environmental Engineers (Spring only)
CE 516: Geohydrology (Fall only)
CE 599: Complex Systems Safety and Resiliency
ENE 502: Environmental and Regulatory Compliance (Spring only)
ENE 510: Water Quality Management and Practice (Spring only)
Other electives approved by advisor

NOTE: At least 2/3 of the units applied to the degree must be at the 500-level or above.