Featured Research Assistant for May 2018: Meida Chen

His research focuses on Semantic Modeling of Outdoor Scenes for The Creation of Virtual Environments and Simulations. He developed a point cloud/mesh segmentation software, called STPLS, to segment, classify, and recognize distinct types of objects together with identifying and extracting associated features in photogrammetric generated point clouds/meshes. More information about the project that he is currently working on can be found at http://www.dronemapping.org/.

Meida was born and raised in China. He joined USC in 2012 and earned his master’s degree in construction management in the year 2014. He joined the PhD program, upon receiving the Viterbi PhD Fellowship, and is expected to graduate in 2019. He is also expected to earn a second M.Sc. in computer science from USC in 2019.

In his spare time, Meida loves snowboarding, fishing, and all cross-cultural topics and activities.

Published on April 27th, 2018

Last updated on April 30th, 2018