Featured Research Assistant for February 2018: Ashrant Aryal

Ashrant Aryal is a third year PhD student advised by Dr. Burcin Becerik-Gerber. His research area is related to developing smart built environments that can adapt to people’s needs. He is currently working on a project in collaboration with ARUP to develop an intelligent desk that can learn user preferences and automatically control the environment around the user to maintain comfortable conditions.

Ashrant was born and raised in Nepal, and moved to Israel for his undergraduate studies. He received his BSc in Civil Engineering from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in 2015. He started pursuing his PhD in Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in Fall 2015 and expects to graduate in 2020. He is recipient of the Provost PhD fellowship.

In his spare time, Ashrant enjoys hiking, camping and road trips. He loves cooking and trying foods from all over the world.

Published on February 1st, 2018

Last updated on February 1st, 2018