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Part-Time Lecturers


Part-Time Lecturers' Office
Kaprielian Hall, Room 203
(213) 821-2948 — (213) 740-0603 Main Office

 Spring 2015 CEE Part-Time Lecturers

John Cowles IV
Lecturer; Degree in Construction Management, California State University of Long Beach — cowlesiv@usc.edu

David Crain
Lecturer; Ph.D., University of Southern California — crain@usc.edu

Amir Elsharief
Lecturer; Ph.D., Purdue University  — elsharie@usc.edu

Paul Giorgio
Lecturer; M.S., University of Southern California. Professor Giorgio is an experienced project manager in the residential and commercial building industry — giorgio@usc.edu

Abdel-Salam Niazy
Lecturer; Ph.D., University of Southern California — niazy@usc.edu

Jacqueline Patterson
Lecturer; M.S., Concordia University — patte2@usc.edu

F. Edward Reynolds, Jr. P.E.
Lecturer; MBA, Harvard University — freynold@usc.edu

Roger Stephenson
Lecturer; Ph.D., Iowa State University — rogerste@usc.edu

Chung-Ching Wang
Lecturer; Ph.D.,University of Southern California — ccwang@usc.edu




Please note that part-time lecturers do not teach every semester and therefore may not check their USC email accounts during their off semesters. If you send an email to a lecturer and do not receive a reply within a reasonable time frame, you may want to check with the main office at (213) 740-0603 and ask for someone else to assist you. Thank you.