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Brandow, Gregg

Dr. Gregg Brandow
Contact Information
University of Southern California
Sonny Astani Department of
Civil and Environmental Engineering
3620 S. Vermont Avenue, KAP 268B
Los Angeles, CA  90089-2531
Tel:  (213) 740-1040
Fax: (213) 744-1426
Email: brandow@usc.edu 
Professor of Engineering Practice

Research Interests

  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Performance-Based Design
  • Failure Analysis
  • Forensic Engineering

Biographical Information

Ph.D.  1971 Stanford University
M.S.C.E.  1968 Stanford University


University of Southern California

Dr. Brandow has been a practicing licensed Professional Engineer and Structural Engineer since the early 1970s. He is a specialist in structural design and earthquake engineering, with additional expertise in the standard of care for practicing structural engineers.

His teaching and research interests focus on the design of wood structures, the understanding and performance of structural systems, earthquake engineering, and failure analysis.

In his professional career as President of Brandow & Johnston, Dr. Brandow has been responsible for the design of high-rise buildings such as the 550 South Hope Office Tower in Los Angeles, hospitals such as the Kaiser Baldwin Park Medical Center, school buildings for the Los Angeles Unified School District, and a variety of other structures such as industrial buildings, and parking structures.

Dr. Brandow’s technical expertise and practical design experience has allowed him to oversee the challenging structural designs and seismic retrofit projects that have become the hallmark of the firm’s reputation. Projects vary from the highly-efficient, developer-driven, commercial buildings, to the highly-complex, and analytically-intensive projects such as the flight simulation test frames for the Space Shuttle and B-1 Bombers.

With Dr. Brandow's earthquake reconnaissance experience, structural dynamics background, and structural design expertise, Brandow & Johnston has become the lead firm in the evaluation and seismic retrofit of many public and private buildings. Notable seismic retrofits in the local area have included the strengthening of Bovard Administration Building at USC, the base-isolation of Kerckhoff Hall at UCLA, the viscous damper retrofit of the Administration Building at CSULA, and the strengthening of the March Air Force Base Hospital. 

Professional Service and Court Expertise 

  • Engineering peer reviews projects for owners
  • Structural engineering expert on forensic studies for construction litigation cases in the areas of structural design and the standard of care for practicing structural engineers.
  • Advocate for structural engineering licensure standards across the country. 

Professional Committees

Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors for the State of California, 1998 to 2010
  • Structural Engineering Member of the Board
  • Active Member, National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying
  • Treasurer, 2004 to 2007
  • Chair, Structural Engineering Examination/Recognition Task Force 
CSU Seismic Review Board
  •  Member of the Board that oversees the seismic aspect of all CSU campus projects statewide.
Professional Registrations
C.E. State of California
S.E. State of California
P.E. State of Arizona
P.E. State of Colorado
P.E. State of Connecticut
P.E. District of Columbia
P.E. State of Florida
P.E. State of Hawaii
P.E. State of Idaho
P.E. State of Massachusetts
P.E. State of Utah
P.E. State of Nevada
P.E. State of New Jersey
P.E. State of New Mexico
P.E. State of New York
P.E. State of Oklahoma
P.E. State of Oregon
P.E. State of Texas
P.E. State of Washington

Association Memberships 
  • Structural Engineers Association of Southern California
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors Association of California
  • Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
  • American Institute of Timber Construction
  • The Masonry Society
  • Rotary International
  • Seismological Society of America
  • John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center Affiliate, Stanford University
  • Architectural Guild, David M. Wilson Associates, USC
  • Board of Councilors, School of Engineering, USC
  • Member, Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
  • Los Angeles Area Council, Boy Scouts of America - Board of Directors

 Seismic Investigation and Research Activities 

  • Member of EERI Reconnaissance Team investigating the 1976 Guatemala Earthquake.
  • Coordinator EERI Reconnaissance Team investigating the 1979 Imperial County, California, Earthquake
  • Member of Reconnaissance Team for the Central Greece Earthquakes of February - March 1981 sponsored by the Committee on Natural Disasters of the National Research Council and EERI
  • Member of EERI Chile Workshop Team for Review of Chilean Earthquake of March 3, 1985 and Chilean Seismic Design Practice
  • Member of Research Group on NSF Project ECE-8610946 "Repairing and Strengthening Damaged Reinforced Concrete Buildings" (Joint U.S. - Mexican Effort focusing on buildings damaged in Mexico City in the September 1985 Mexico Earthquake)
  • Member of Project Engineering Panel, ATC-19 Project, "Evaluation of Performance Based Structural Response Modification Factors (R-Factors)"
  • Member of the Seismic Review Board, California State University System


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