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Alumni & Friends

Hello! Welcome to the alumni page for graduates of the Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The David M. Wilson Affiliates (DMWA), the alumni and friends support group for the department, is very proud to host this page. The DMWA is dedicated to supporting our students and the department in memory of former Department Chair David M. Wilson (pictured above) who gave so much to the students and the department during his many years at USC.

The purpose of the DMWA is to provide scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students. We work hard to continue Professor Wilson’s legacy to provide financial assistance to all hardworking and very deserving civil and environmental engineering students.

As we grow in numbers, we will be able to provide greater outreach to our alumni, as well as provide even greater support for more students and programs. We are in an excellent position to identify various internships available to our students and share with them valuable information about how to pursue those opportunities. We are hopeful to be able to continue to provide this same advice on full-time employment opportunities in the future.

These are exciting time at DMWA and we look forward to you joining us in our support of the Sonny Astani Department.

On behalf of the DMWA, thanks for stopping by.

Stephen Dopudja and Edgar Dymally

David M.Wilson affiliates.