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Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering program in the Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at USC has a unique team of faculty members who work collaboratively in research areas highly relevant to the dynamic field of environmental engineering. Our faculty spans areas of water, air, energy, and the environment. We have built new laboratories and designed a new graduate student curriculum; our world-class program of integrated research and education is rapidly evolving

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Cooling Our Cities

Arian Saffari receives the USC PhD Achievement Award for 2016


Kelly Sanders receives the OCEC Outstanding Educator Award


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Faculty Members

Amy Childress, Professor; Ph.D.

Director of Environmental Engineering Program
Membrane contactor processes for innovative solutions to contaminant and energy challenges; pressure-driven membrane processes as industry standards for desalination and water reuse, membrane bioreactor technology, colloidal and Interfacial aspects of membrane processes.

KAP 268B — (213) 740-6304 — amyec@usc.edu

George Ban-Weiss, Assistant Professor; Ph.D.
Global and regional climate modeling, effects of atmospheric particles and land-use on climate and air quality, measurement of climatically relevant pollutant emissions from energy sources, evaluating climate models using satellite data, synergistic approaches for reducing climate change and urban air pollution

KAP 230C — (213) 740-9124 — banweiss@usc.edu 

Felipe de Barros, Assistant Professor; Ph.D.

Environmental fluid mechanics, stochastic hydrogeology, contaminant transport in heterogeneous porous media, site characterization and risk assessment, with emphasis on the scale issue, aquifer remediation and sustainability

KAP 224B —  (213) 740-6130 —  fbarros@usc.edu   

Massoud Pirbazari, Professor; Ph.D.
Treatment and removal of hazardous chemicals, mathematical modeling of biophysicochemical processes in water and wastewater treatment, and the development of biotechnology for pollution remediation.

KAP 260 — (213) 740-0592 — pirbazar@usc.edu

Kelly T. Sanders, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Analytical modeling of urban and agricultural systems; sustainable energy, water, and waste management; lifecycle assessment; smart grid data analytics

KAP 200B —  213-821-0095 — ktsanders@usc.edu  

Constantinos Sioutas, Fred Champion Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ph.D.
Technologies for measuring physicochemical characteristics of air pollutants, toxic properties, and novel technologies for reducing the emissions of air pollutants.

KAP 216C — (213) 740-6134 — sioutas@usc.edu

Adam Smith, Assistant Professor; PhD.

  • Resource recovery from waste streams
  • Microbial syntrophy in anaerobic systems
  • Implications of low temperatures on microbial communities
  • Biofilm-based treatment systems
  • Sustainability assessment applied to water infrastructure systems

KAP 238A — 213-740-0473 — smithada@usc.edu